For CMP Applicants

Why Become a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)?


For more than thirty years, Convention Industry Council (CIC) has defined new levels of professionalism through its Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) program. CIC certifies individuals through an internationally recognized certification program that evaluates the competency of meeting professionals. The CMP designation represents the standard of excellence in today's meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry. Those who obtain the CMP designation experience:

Recognition: As the premier industry certification, the CMP distinguishes holders as career professionals who have demonstrated a high level of experience, skill and knowledge.

Competitive Advantage: The designation conveys credibility to a meeting professionals opinions and ideas, both at work and in the greater meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry.

Peer Acceptance: CMPs are immediately recognized by other CMPs as fellow professionals committed to the advancement of the profession.

Salary Enhancement: CMPs can use the certification as a competitive advantage when it comes to negotiating salaries and other business.

Personal Achievement: After passing a rigorous application and examination process, CMPs express a profound sense of personal achievement at finally being regarded as the exceptionally skilled professional they are.

Commitment: Successful completion of the certification process conveys that the certified meeting professional is committed and goal driven in their career.


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