CMP International Standards

The CMP International Standards (CMP-IS) are the body of knowledge for the Certified Meeting Professional program and examination. The CMP-IS defines and categorizes the skills, competencies and abilities an individual needs in order to be successful in the profession.

Released in 2011 with a January 1, 2012 effective date, the CMP-IS represents the most significant enhancement to the CMP body of knowledge since the start of the CMP program in 1985. Meeting professionals familiar with previous versions of the body of knowledge will not see radical changes to the skills and competencies, but there are several key ways the CMP-IS improves the CMP program:

  • Updating to reflect current practices and professional skills and knowledge 
  • Aligning the body of knowledge with other international standards
  • Creating a body of knowledge for the CMP program that is truly global in nature
  • Enhancing the level of detail used when describing and categorizing tasks and skills
  • Providing enhanced direction to those seeking the certification of the knowledge and skills covered on the exam

Download CMP International Standards