Accepted Practices

The APEX Accepted Practices are voluntary standards designed by the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry to streamline business processes and create efficiencies.

To date, seven core areas of accepted practices have been developed and made available:

APEX Industry Glossary: The definitive source of terms and definitions for the meetings, conventions, and exhibitions industry.

APEX Request For Proposal (RFPs) Forms: These accepted practices forms are used to create consistent and thorough Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that address the core information and unique needs of individual events.

APEX Event Specifications Guide: The Event Specification Guide (ESG) is the industry's tool to use in preparing and sharing complete instructions and details for events of all sizes. The ESG is a three-part template consisting of the narrative, schedule and function orders of an event. It also establishes critical timing norms for submitting specifications.  

APEX Housing & Registration Accepted Practices: These accepted practices are for the collecting, reporting, and retrieving complete housing and registration data for meetings, conventions, and other events; and, for housing issues such as housing providers, internet issues, international housing, and disclosure.

APEX Contracts Accepted Practices: This APEX document provides guidance about various aspects of industry contracts to event organizers, hoteliers, and other tourism and hospitality industry professionals. The APEX Contracts Accepted Practices are not intended to develop an industry “standard” contact document, but to provide an overview of voluntary accepted practices for negotiations for the use of hotel, and event space.

APEX Post-Event Report: The APEX Post-Event Report (PER) is the industry's accepted format for collecting, storing and sharing accurate and thorough post-event report data on events of all types. A collection of PERs over time will provide the complete reference data for an event.

APEX Meeting and Site Profile Report: The APEX Meeting and Site Profile provides consistent and thorough profile formats for sites and facilities (hotels, resorts, convention centers, conference centers, and cities).  Sites and facilities should refer to and consider these formats when developing sales material targeted at the events sector and when preparing convention services information.