APEX Industry Glossary FAQ

Q: How can I get the new Glossary?
A: The new Glossary is available in print and online versions at www.conventionindustry.org.  The online version is also accessible on almost any mobile Internet device (smartphone,tablet, etc).

Q: Can I use the 2005 Edition to study for the CMP Exam?
A: For exams up to and including the July 2011 exam, you can use the old edition.  However, it is strongly recommended that you use the 2011 Edition, as the reduced number of listings and improved definitions in the 2011 Edition will aid your study process.

Q: What kinds of terms were removed?
A: Removed terms fell into a number of categories including terms in the common lexicon (chair, copy, lavatory), terms not directly relevant (acrylic emulsion, chamfer), redundant terms or abbreviations (anncr., ann.), etc.

Q: What kinds of terms were added?
A: Primarily new terms that had emerged into regular use in the convention industry since the 2005 Edition, such Destination Marketing Organization. 

Q: How many terms are in the new Glossary?  How many terms were removed or added?
A: The 2011 Edition of the Glossary includes more than 1,400 terms.  By contrast the 2005 Edition has approximately 4,000.

Q: How do I suggest changes to definitions or terms for addition or deletion
A: To submit feedback, use the “Make a Request” link found on the main Glossary page.  All recommendations and comments will be reviewed by the APEX Standards Review Council and updates will be issued annually.

Q: Can old editions be exchanged for the new edition?
A: No.  However, customers who purchased a print copy of the 2005 Edition from CIC within the 90 days prior to the 2011 Edition publication date (January 25, 2011) will automatically receive a free copy of the 2011 Edition by mail.

Q: Who are the volunteers behind the new edition?
A: The APEX Standards Review Council (SRC) has oversight of the ongoing maintenance of the APEX Industry Glossary.

Current and former APEX Standards Review Council members on the project were:  Mitchell Beer, The Conference Publishers; MaryAnne Bobrow, CAE, CMP, CMM, Bobrow & Associates; Chris Canning, CMP, Hospitality, Ink; Vita Feuerstein, CMP, IEEE; Bill Host, CMP, Roosevelt University; Kevin Kamenzind, CMP, Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau; Lisa Laubgross, CMP, Booz Allen Hamilton; Doug McPhee, CMP, CMM, Experient Sales Network; Madelyn Marusa, DMCP, PRA; Charles Massey, CMP, Synaxis Meetings; David Peckinpaugh, HelmsBriscoe; Shawn O’Connell, PSAV; Terry Quick, CMP, Entco International; Glen Ramsborg, CMP, Kendall College; Anne Roth, CMP, IHG Global Sales; Stuart Ruff, CMP, International Trademark Association; Christine “Shimo” Shimasaki, CMP, DMAI. 

The efforts of the SRC were augmented by the nearly 100 industry professionals who participated on Terminology Review Subgroups.

Editorial consulting was provided by Sara Torrence, CMP, Sara Torrence & Associates.