CMP International Standards

All exam items (questions) relate to this body of knowledge. The CMP-IS was developed and is updated by subject matter experts who already hold the CMP designation and are working in the field. The CMP-IS is updated every five years to ensure that the exam reflects the current knowledge needed to be a successful meeting professional.

In 2011, the CMP-IS was updated; this update was first included on the exam in July 2012. Major changes in the 2011 CMP-IS included:

  • Updated to reflect current practices and professional skills and knowledge
  • Aligned the body of knowledge with other international standards
  • Created a body of knowledge for the CMP program that is truly global in nature
  • Enhanced the level of detail used when describing and categorizing tasks and skills
  • Provided enhanced direction to those seeking the certification of the knowledge and skills covered on the exam
The CMP-IS is comprised of 10 domains, 30 skills and 106 sub skills. The ten domains identify the major knowledge base areas that compose the exam, with an indication of the percentage of the exam that will be devoted to that domain. Those who are successful in obtaining the CMP designation have demonstrated mastery of the 10 domains.